The Extinction Wars were 1,000 years ago. The Good Races of Jordania had been squabbling amongst themselves for centuries. Countless skirmishes and even wars took their tolls on their populations. And the Warlord Iuz bid his time strengthening his forces, watching them weaken themselves, and waiting patiently for the right time to strike.
When he made his bid for domination of the continent, the Good Races were caught totally unprepared. The main army came from the southwest and hit the west side of the continent first, plunging the region into chaos. Never had there been an army of this magnitude in recorded history! Within months the forests were burning and what was left of the Dwarven strongholds were under siege. If it had not been for the Dimension Gates, the death tolls would have been astronomical. And when the east side of the continent sent reinforcements to help the west side, a second army appeared from the southeast and struck their already weakened forces. If the Dragonborn had not made their appearance when they did, the war would have been over rather quickly.
The Good Races made their stand on the East side of the continent, with forces of Dwarves and Elves remaining on the west side using guerilla tactics and harassing the main force as much as they could. But in a mere 5 years, Iuz had the Good Races on the brink of extinction.
It was the Dragonborn that created the Warforged. They didn’t eat, they didn’t sleep, and they never tired. They would never stop until the enemy was destroyed. The Warforged hit the main amy head on like a tidal wave and stopped their progress! The fact that the Warforged never stopped confused the evil army. This gave the guerilla forces time to deal some heavy casualties on the main army and their supply lines.
Just when things seemed to be geting better – Iuz revealed a THIRD army from the South! The Dwarves in Thorakduum knew that this meant disaster. They gave the order for the Elves and Warforged to retreat. They, in the hour of greatest need, made the ultimate sacrifice and unleashed the World Smasher. There was a terrible earthquake, blinding light in the West, and hurricane force winds. When it was over, the west side of the continent was reduced to what it still is today – a plain of molten lava. A place uninhabitable.
With the main army obliterated, the Good Races were able to focus on the second army. Since it wasn’t half the size of the first, they were able to destroy it in a matter of years. Iuz knew that he had been beat. But the third army had been building defences this whole time to halt the march of the Good army; and they practiced a scorched earth policy so terrible, that it created the Blazing Wastes.
But Iuz was not going down without a fight. He awaited the Good army in his fortress and it took 6 months to breech his outer defences and another month to breech his Keep. It is rumored that it was a Warforged that killed Iuz. Nobody knows for sure. When the Keep was breeched, a platoon of Warforged leapt into the opening without hesitation. 2 hours later, there was a loud humming noise, and the Keep imploded on itself! The few Warforged that made it out alive, told the tale of the Mighty Titan. Titan engaged Iuz in combat for over an hour and, when all seemed lost, Titan dealt a crushing blow to Iuz when he was about to cast a powerful spell. The room was filled with a blinding light, a thunderous explosion, and when the light subsided, they were both gone! All hail the Mighty Titan! Saviour of the good people!
For 15 years the Races of Jordania had lived in fear. And now they had another dilema: what to do with the Warforged? There was no more war. All they knew was to fight and kill. Plus the reports that some were showing sentience didn’t help much. And no one race could be trusted with this much power! So the decision was made to put the Warforged in stasis and hide them forever. But of course, no magic is perfect and they were scatered about the continent. Archeologists do come across Warforged once in a great while, and they are most prized possessions. There are very few that make it out into the world that are looked upon favorably. Because all people remember is what they were designed to do. Most agree to a life as an exhibit or servitutde rather than face angry mobs….
As for the Dimension Gates, the Seers have fortold of a time when the Gates will bring about the destruction of the planet. Just how they are not sure; but every divination on the Gates no matter which Seer does it shows the same – the planet in flames…..


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