Day 1 --The first cave

During the night, our party was attacked by eight kobolds. Because Rustbucket, hereby to be known as ‘Rusty’, has no need for sleep, it was decided he would take the full watch. I have to admit, he may have had some redeeming qualities to make him an asset to our group. When the Kobolds attacked, he proved himself to be an even bigger asset to our cause. The fight didn’t take long, the nine of us pulverized the little bogarts. It was, officially, the first real battle any of us had been in and it was exhilarating. I think we were all ready for more. After the battle, we moved into the valley and determined that we would begin with the caves closest to the ground on the north side and move around to the south. From there, we planned to move up to the caves at the next elevation on the south side and make our way back around to the north and finally to the last two caves at the next two highest elevations. We will begin our adventure at the first of these caves.

Our group stepped into the cave entrance and started forward. Deathadder and Rauli took the lead. This was beneficial, as only about 5 feet ahead, Rauli stopped us, pointing out that the floor opened into a pit that spanned the T-shaped crossing. Deathadder inched his way around the corner, managing not to lose his balance and fall into the pit, thank Farlanghn. Once he was across, Rusty tossed him the end of a rope and together they made a rope bridge we could hold on to as we crossed as well. One at a time, we began making our way across the pit. I guess we were still pretty exhilarated from our first fight because after only 4 of us made it across, the noise made by our party alerted a group of 6 kobolds that were hiding in a small secret room off the north side of the hall. Both I and Allbright swing at the attackers, but having been caught off guard by their appearance, we both managed to miss. Salvath to the rescue; he makes some goofy hand gestures and all 6 of the kobolds fall asleep. As a group, we decide that it wouldn’t be right to slay the sleeping critters, but we can’t really have them sneaking up on us later in the cave. So, as a compromise, we put them into the pit. We try to be a little more discreet as the rest of the party crosses the pit and follow the tunnel deeper into the cave. We passed by an opening on the north side of the hallway and continue ahead, arriving at a common room occupied by several male and female kobolds guarding some young kobolds. As the battle begins, many of the female kobolds herd the young ones out of the room and disappear. At the risk of boring you, dear listener, the battle raged and when all was said and done, the kobolds that had remained in the room were slain. Deathadder and, surprisingly, Allbright, each took on 5 of the scrappy little beasts. Darlah and Rauli each took down 3 and Rustbucket, Salvath and yours truly handled 2 each and Aramil, 1. Sabine was the shining hero of this fight with 6 kills. After searching the lair, we headed back the way we came and turned down the hall we had previously passed by. At the end of the hall, we turned left and came to a door. The door is locked, but Rauli apparently used to be a locksmith, and he’s able to open it anyway. Inside is a storage room, foodstuffs, wine, oil and some other stuff; nothing of huge interest. We stocked up on a few items but paid very little attention to this room. Turning back toward the right we were greeted by a hail of arrows. Allbright was hit in the shoulder and Rauli in the arm. Thankfully, they weren’t more serious than scratches. True to form, Deathadder rushed forward to attack, knocking the attacker into the wall behind them. Rauli charges in and joins the attack. Rusty takes on a third one. The rest of us can’t get into the area to have any effect on the battle, so we’re forced to simply watch the fight from afar. After 2 of the kobold guards were dead and the 3rd one was in a stupor, Rusty, Ruali and Deathadder began to torture him, and eventually killed him. I was disgusted by this act of cold-heartedness. I can understand, and even condone, the use of force and killing to protect ourselves, or other innocent victims, but this guard was no longer a threat. We could just as easily tied him up; but to torture then kill him in cold blood?!? I am concerned about the direction this could be leading our party. We all know power corrupts and the more battles we win the more powerful we feel.

We approach the door the 3 kobolds appeared to have been guarding. Inside is what appears to be a Kobold chief standing taller than the others we’ve encountered and wearing chain armor. Also in the room are 5 female kobolds. Im guessing the young ones were hiding in here as well, since there would be nowhere else they could have gone, but I couldn’t see them. When the fight begins, the females are at the forefront, protecting their chief. This fight is a little tougher than the ones before, the females seemingly to be far more passionate in their battles. Eventually; however, we manage to turn the outcome to our favor. We find quite a bit of treasure and gold in the room and after collecting the items we think to have value, we return to the cave entrance, by the pit, and head to the other side. Rauli decides to grab a wooden plank we can use to cross the pit. Down below, at the bottom, are 6 kobolds, jumping against the wall of the pit, trying to get out. We decide that Rusty should cross last because we fear his weight may break the wooden plank. All of us make it across safely except Sabine, who slips and falls backward into the hole. She lands on two of the kobolds, which is likely what prevented her from taking any real damage. Rusty immediate jumps into the pit, crushing one more of the kobolds has he lands. As he touches bottom, he also swings at another, killing it as well. One of the 2 remaining kobolds attacks Sabine, but misses. Deathadder steps to the edge of the pit to watch the fight and just snickers at the antics below. Rusty and Sabine each swing true at the last two kobolds and they go down. Rusty boosts Sabine up the side of the pit, then she, Deathadder and Allbright lower a rope to help Rusty out. Once everybody is on this side of the pit, we enter the only room down this hall. Inside is simply a bunch of garbage and kobold waste. Rusty is the only one brave enough to start digging around for any kind of treasure and gets attacked by a rat. He stabs at it with his sword and goes back to digging. Again he is attacked. This happens a few more times before metal-brain gives up. By now, the only one of us not laughing at him is Rauli. That elf is so darned droll.



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