Day 1 --The fourth cave

It doesn’t take long to determine that this cave is excessively large. About 20 feet into the cave, we come to a crossroad. We decide to go right. This path leads to a T. First we head left, but soon discover it to be a dead end. We turn back and pass the T-intersection and into a room occupied by 6 goblins. They appear to have been waiting for us, though how they knew we were coming is still unknown. Half way through the fight, one of the goblins in the back starts yelling, an alarm of sorts. It doesn’t take long to make short work of the original 6 goblins, but just as the last one falls at the hands of Sabine, 6 more goblins rush in and attack. We didn’t even get a chance to recoup from the first battle and already we have to move into a second. The adrenaline is flowing fast. After 2 of the goblins are felled, Salvath makes some hand gestures and the last 4 fall quickly asleep, their snores resounding in the small room. Rusty, Rauli, Aramil and Deathadder make quick work of the sleeping goblins executioner style. Albright and Darlah quickly heal the wounded, in case more goblins come in to attack. Once everyone is mended, we move across the room. We follow the path past a turn, but end up having to turn back when we hit the dead end. Back at the intersection, we turn left and into another room. This one is filled with several male and female goblins, again, waiting for us. Behind the group is a taller goblin wearing a crown. We assume this is the goblin king. As we fight this group, trying to make our way to the leader, he runs off and disappears down a hall on the other side of the room. Once the battle is over, we follow in his direction and come to a locked door. Rusty and Deathadder start to kick in the door, but it takes several attempts. During their attempts, we can hear a voice from the other side of the door screaming a warning at us. “You’d better get out of here. Go away. If you come in here, we’ll kick your asses!” Of course, we can’t obey this simple order and Rusty and Deathadder finally manage to break down a portion of the door. There are heavy wooden bands across the door, making it hard to break in. Rauli throws a flash of oil onto the floor and Death lights the fire. As he does, he takes a javelin in the arm. The fire finally weakens the bars enough for Deathadder to get through and we run in to attack. Inside the room is the Goblin King and his queen, 6 males and 6 females. The battle starts when Rauli throws more oil onto floor, burning several of the goblins. Salvath uses his invisible hand spell to splatter the flames and burning wood pieces on more of the attackers. Once the battle is finally over, the party is in pretty bad shape. Our clerics do what they can, healing the wounded, but without their spells now that they’ve used them, we would be in serious trouble after another battle. We decide, instead to use some of the furniture in the room to barricade the door and use this opportunity to sleep, study and pray; whatever is necessary to get our advantage back.



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