Day 1 --The third cave

The next cave is opposite the one we initially investigated. As we breach the entrance to this cave, we notice a distinct sour smell emanating from within. From the cave entrance we can see what looks like a bear sleeping in the corner. Deathadder races in, sword drawn, battle cry echoing against the walls. He thrusts his blade deep into the sleeping bear and is rewarded with the death of the dangerous, but highly coveted, bear-skin rug. The rest of us gather around the kill, trying desperately not to deepen the wound to his great pride, but unable to stifle the snickers. They are quickly suffocated by a noise from around the corner and turn to see an ogre poised to attack. He swings, hitting Rauli and knocking him into Rusty. The resulting impact causes the elf to fall into unconsciousness. Death returns the attack but misses, though when Rusty swings, he manages to lay a solid blow. I feel the urge and begin to sing to the party, my words invoking courage and pride to assist in the battle. Aramil is the first to attack after I begin my warble, my song helping his inner warrior. His hit is true. The ogre swings and hits Rusty, causing a great deal of damage to the iron golum. Deathadder swings in a rage and takes the ogre down. While the battle comes to an end, Albright uses his cleric magic to heal Rusty, though I’m still not sure how magic healing can cure mechanic damage, but it still managed to work. I use my meager first aid skills to stabilize Rauli until Albright can come over and heal him using his magic. I will; however, deny this tidbit of information should it be brought up to him. I can only imagine how the elf would react to knowing that it was a female, a half-elf one at that, who kept his wounds from turning him into a vegetable.

Hanging from the center of the room was a huge bag. Now that the elf was back on his feet, he was able to look it over and determine that there were no traps. Inside were 7 smaller bags, each containing various items and money, including a huge wheel of cheese and a keg of brandy.

A search of this cave reveals nothing further so we decide to move on. After finding the second cave hidden behind a bush, we leave no foliage unturned. It comes as no surprise when we find another hidden cave opening.



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