The Scrolls of Jordania

Of the many stories that travel the world of Jordania; none are more common than that of the Great War. Tales of the World Smasher tearing through the armies in the west and the birth of the Warforged at the hands of the Dragonborn are told as bedtime stories to the ever receptive ears of young children. To curb the mischievous behaviors of the less than aasimonic, the tales of yore are transformed into lessons centered on the looming threat of Iuz. A threat made only more real by the vision of the seers that the magical gates would bring the end of days and the speculation that this event would mark the return of Iuz. Though such recounts are merely for the sake of posterity, there is little argument that the truth behind their existence has never been more real. More than one group of adventurers has attempted to etch their names into the scrolls of history in their search for answers. Few have returned from their journey alive, and those that have had no success in breaching the threshold of mystery. This is the story of just one more group of adventurers hoping to learn the meaning behind the vision, to discover their worth in the world and to fulfill personal quests for peace of mind. It begins with the militia in Forestwatch and a small band of new recruits setting out on a simple quest. A test to determine their abilities and whether or not they have what it takes to become true warriors.



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