• Level 1

Personality and Traits:

Race: Gray Elf
Personality: Arrogant
Hair: Long, Silver
Eyes: Pale/Gray Violet
Facial Hair: None
Facial Markings: Tattoo of a claw ripping of his skin, at the left side of his neck.
Likes: Reading, Training, Gambling.
Dislikes: Father, Rogues, Weaklings.
Goal: Avenge his Mother’s death by slaying his Father.


Growing up was never settle for Ruali. His father, Coraval, was a Champion of Corellon Larethian. As such, the family was constantly moving to elven villages in peril. Ruali had trouble keeping friends with the constant moving. Whenever it seemed he had kept a true friend, the family would move the next day. After awhile, he gave up on a social life and resorted to a life of solitude and training. It wasn’t that he hated his father for the moving, it was that he was scared he wouldn’t succeed his father. It was his duty to succeed his father, but he constantly doubted himself. Whenever he could, Ruali would challenge his father to a duel. Time and again he would lose, but he never quit. Losing only gave him the passion to keep on fighting.
One day, Coraval announced that the family would settle down forever. Tears of relief filled Ruali’s eyes as he no longer had to move. He could finally be with his family, without fear of being attacked or moving anymore. This wasn’t the case unfortunately. Night flew in, bringing with it bleak, murky clouds. Ruali awoke in the night to the sound of swords clashing. Startled, he sprang to his feet to the commotion. Peering through his doorway, he saw a group of bandits retreating from the body of his mother. Raging from the sight, Ruali stormed out of his room, grasping his mother. Clearing his eyes, he searched for his father, but nowhere was he to be found. He eventually found a note attached to one of his father’s old sword. “I’m sorry my son, it had to be done.” From that point on, the love and admiration for his father departed and only resentment and hatred remained. He reached for his father’s elven thinblade and dashed out into the night.
Years had passed since that night. Ruali searched the lands for information on his father’s whereabouts. Divulging the information wasn’t easy, but Ruali didn’t care. The sweet child of years past was gone, only an arrogant man resided. When word arose that there was a need for a town militia, Ruali didn’t hesitate and departed for the town.


Jordania Xremag